Hydraulic Fluids

These are used mostly on Hydro Pumps, Compressor and Gear Systems.

They provide anti-wear protection, rust protection and extend the life intervals of costly equipment.

All products below where applicable conform to the NSF H1 & H2 regulations.

NSF H1 – ISO 32, 46, 68, 100
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Magna-Plate® 60, 62, 64, 66

America's Finest Food-Grade Hydraulic Fluids can be used in a variety of applications where an NSF H1 fluid is required. They are food-grade, Group II white mineral-based oils containing rust and oxidation additives and excellent antiwear protection. They are fully tested and OEM-approved for hydraulic systems, and are recommended for compressors and gear systems requiring food-grade oils.
NSF H1 100% Synthetic – ISO Grades 22 through 680
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Flow-Guard Synthetic Fluids

For use in industrial hydraulic, gear drive and other lubricated machinery, this series of fluids is compounded to provide superior performance in severe applications such as positive displacement blowers, minimize component wear and eliminate system downtime.