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JAX INC. High Performance Lubricants including the largest range of Food Grade Lubricants

Established in 1955, JAX began developing solution to common lubrication issues within industry, including the automotive and the food industry. This problem solving attitude and their technical knowledge lead to partnerships with Food producers and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to develop a lubricant safe enough to be used within a food factory that may have ‘incidental contact’. By 1962 JAX had developed, proved and received the first USDA approval of a lubricant to be used within a Food Factory. That approval became the foundation of what the industry today calls ‘FOOD GRADE Lubricants’.

What is Food Grade?

Food Grade Lubricants are all about experience in testing. Unlike Industrial products, where additives can be sourced and included within lubricants to bolster performance, food grade lubricants can only be improved by research, development, and constant testing.

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