Specialists in High Performance Food Grade Oils & Greases

Industrial Lubricants (UK) Ltd are solution providers to lubrication and maintenance engineers, with specialities for the Food Industry and Industrial applications.

We provide H1 food grade grease, food grade oil, Lube chain, high temperature chain oil, silicone spray, chain oil, bearing grease, high temperature silicone, synthetic lubricants, semi synthetic lubricants and mineral based as well as foodlube to name but a few. We have access to lubricants that cater for specific requirements such as Kosher and allergy sufferers peanut etc.

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Our goals are to provide:

Quality lubricants that solve the problems and keep your equipment/asset in good order.

Improve the life and reliability of your equipment, reducing down time and maintenance costs.

Improvements to your productivity.

First class service, with prompt deliveries, technical service and comprehensive dedicated documentation.

The right solution to the lubrication problem.

Inventory systems, colour coding and customer specific lubrication software which keeps a record of lube points that have been lubricated when, with the correct product and by whom, allowing full traceability.

Industries Supplied

Industrial Lubricants (UK) Ltd. Provide products into a wide range of industries. Our complete product range of Aerosols, Greases, Lubricants, Oils, Fluids, Solvents and Cleaners had been carefully selected to provide our customers with faultless, reliable and safe performance that they depend on.

Low Cost, Simple, Lubrication & Online Maintenance System

Together with JAX Lube-Guard & our OILed365 Lubricant Rack, we offer a complete solution to BRC Higher Level Audits, Customer Audits & a simpler more pro-active engineering maintenance of your food factory equipment.