We work closely with TCE Transmission providing automatic lubrication solutions:

    Automatic Lubricators solve lubrication problems and keep your equipment/asset in good order.

    • Improve the life and reliability of your equipment, reducing down time and maintenance costs.
    • Improvements to your productivity.
    • First class service, with prompt deliveries, technical service and comprehensive dedicated documentation.
    • The right solution to the lubrication problem.
    • Automatic Lubricators provide all possible kinds of lubricating points with oil or grease – 24 hours a day.
    • Automatic lubricators guarantee a consistent supply of lubricant.
    • Within seconds Automatic Lubricators are fixed to the lubricating point.
    • The lubricating amount can be easily adjusted shutdown times are decreased and costs reduced in comparison to hand lubrication.
    • Automatic Lubricators are suitable for the automatic lubrication of chains, open gears, guide rails, bearings etc.

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