JAX provides effective solutions – 03/10/2013

Shell Oil recently announced its exit from the food-grade lubricant business. Its divestiture of the Cassida brand name has caused some alarm and concern among their distributors and food and beverage processor end users worldwide.

Although JAX presence in the food-grade lubricants market predates the Shell entry by several decades, the Cassida line had made inroads into some market segments of the food and beverage industry serviced by JAX.

We want you to know that JAX continues to be the long-term player in this market and we offer a full line of lubricants to service all the applications of the Cassida brand and dozens more.

As a service to the industry, we are offering a complete cross-reference guide to the Cassida brand line. Beyond this, JAX provides technical and engineering assistance in offering even newer, higher-performing, more cost-effective lubricant and application solutions for all equipment in the food and beverage processing industries.