Over 50 Years Experience in Lubrication Technology

JAX, based in Menomonee Falls, WI USA, is a manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality industrial, synthetic and food-grade lubricants for machinery and processes. With over 50 year’s experience, JAX has earned its reputation as a leader in lubrication technology.

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A Wholly-Owned Company

Founded in 1955, JAX is a wholly-owned company that has become a global player in food-grade lubrication. As an independent company, JAX has the autonomy to compound lubricants without compromising superior performance for price. From formulating new lubricants for unique processes, to rushing emergency testing through the independent RPM Laboratory, it’s these things that separate JAX from other lubricant companies. To do this, JAX employs only dedicated, experienced people to make the difference in their customers’ business. JAX is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company.

Superior Products

JAX lubricants are compounded with the finest raw materials and additive chemistries in the industry. Formulation decisions are based on performance and quality which ultimately lead to substantial, verifiable cost savings in terms of extended machine life, reduced downtime and increased production.

JAX and Food-Grade Lubricant Classifications

JAX Pioneered USDA Authorized Lubricants

JAX and Pressure-Lube pioneered the development of food-grade USDA lubricants.

JAX Magna-Plate 8 was the first machinery lubricant authorized by the USDA for incidental food contact in 1962, more that 40 years ago. With over 130 USDA authorized products, JAX continue to be leaders in technology and innovation for high-performance food-processing equipment lubrication.

USDA Discontinues Authorization Program

On September 30, 1998 the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service discontinued its programme of authorizing new and reformulated proprietary substances and nonfood compounds. Prior to this date, a product could be granted H1 authorization for incidental food contact. This meant that all ingredients used in a lubricant manufacturer’s H1 authorized formula met the current FDA requirements under 21 CFR 178.3570. H2 authorization was granted to lubricants determined to contain no harmful ingredients as listed by the USDA. Since authorizations previously granted by the USDA will be maintained, H1 and H2 authorizations remain the standards for lubricants used in the food-processing industry.

JAX Products and Services Reduce Risk to Product and Brand Name Integrity of Top 100 Food Processors

JAX recognize their responsibility as a world leader in the food-processing arena. Virtually every member of Food Processing’s Top 100 is taking advantage of JAX products and services. Commitment to the health and safety of JAX Food-Grade and Food-Processing lubricants, protecting both manufacturers and their customers, has been JAX’s priority from the beginning. United States, Canadian and European agencies, along with JAX and other lubricant companies, are working toward international standards for food-processing worldwide.

JAX Classifies Lubricants as Food-Grade (FG)

In the interim, JAX will supply official documentation which certifies that specified JAX product(s) continue to abide by FDA and USDA requirements. JAX classifies food-grade (USDA H1) products as Food-Grade (FG) Lubricants and non-food contact (USDA H2) products as Food-Processing (FP) Lubricants. The established USDA requirements for H1 and H2 authorization will continue to be strictly followed.

What the Future Holds

JAX will continue to evaluate JAX FG and FP Lubricants by the guidelines listed above, as well as continue to develop innovative new products and evaluate them according to established FDA and USDA standards along with monitoring any newer, relevant industry and government agencies for future guidelines.